GArry: M-on Dieu….

What happen if Aya's mom and dad came back from the dead? I would guess that you guys would take the kids some place safe ( because Aya's dad kills kids and her mom wants her dad dead for wanting to make her a doll ) but you could handle it! Right?

((Aha…about that. 

In my Au, Mr. and Mrs. Drevis are just normal people. The same story on how they met but with less maniacal, sinister scene. Just the usual doctor and patient story falling in love with eachother

Though Alfred has a mistress with Maria the maid. 

So for short, This Au is like a normal kind of bg. It ain’t a horror kind of thing, it’s a Daycare Au. Where Garry and the rest are just a normal citizen who are dealing with problems. 

Like Duke is having Financial and Having trouble of being a Father. 

David was kicked out of his university because he couldn’t pay the tuition. 

Garry is a lonely man, and he was having trouble handling the daycare business from lack of staff. 

Lily is a sister of two siblings (Dio and Leah).  She had to look after them and work hard making her go to college every saturday and sunday

Mary has some Daughter-and-Father issues with Mr. Guertena because he rarely spends quality time with her. 

Ib is pretty normal and has  a happy family. 

Dio lost his right eye thanks to the fire that killed their parents. 

Ellen has some parents’ issues. 

Viola is having mixed feelings towards Ellen. Either annoyance, pity or love (friendship kind of love) 

Aya often sees her parents agrue all the time and heard from them that they want to divorce but couldn’t because of Aya. 

Madotsuki wants to escape reality. 

and so on. )) 

just trying some new styles. Yep. 

(Needs source?) 

G—> I have  never met Mr. Drevis, usually Miss Maria would pick Aya up. 

G—-> I will try to ask her…. I WILL!

Ad—> So i drew their first date well just a short thing I didn’t finish

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DM—> I-I guess so? It helped me become close to my son and all. I also got something to do other than brooding. 

Ad—> Duke got kicked out of college, almost got sued for making Sissi pregnant and a lot of crud happened to his life. 

G—> I am sorry but I love someone. But I like you as a friend thohehe! 

Ad—> ooooh that gotta hurt. 

G—> I like blue better. 

Ad—> I just can’t- draw them with googly eyes.


G—> Duke Get the hell inside your idiot. 

Dm—> Beer night man! You forgot beer night!