Welcome to RPG DAYCARE! 

We babysit lil kids and take good care of them while their parents/guardians are at work or doing sort of important stuff. 

We have:

  • A Napping Area
  • Stuff animals and toys 
  • A mini Library
  • A mini kitchen 
  • A bathroom w/ a tub 
  • A playground at the backyard
  • And a mini garden

Of course, our employees are trustworthy and responsible! 

We have

Garry or me the leader and owner. 

Duke Macgahan 

and David Hoover. 

I reassure you, they are quite good at handling certain things. 

(Au ask account of the Rpg games in a day care, of course the adults are adults and the kids like Mary,Ib, Dio, Aya, Ellen,Viola,Coron,and etc. Would be the kids in the day care. 

Ask anything that isn’t anything near sexual. It is a day care afterall)

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